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Frost & Snow

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Holiday Decorating Sprays

replicate frost and snow

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Why you will love working with our Holiday Decorating tools

Quick and easy tools to add the winter elements to your holiday decorating.

snoBLAST creates the authentic snow flocked look on Christmas trees, wreaths and evergreen products.  The perfect accent for Nostalgic Christmas decor.

  • high quality snow flocking
  • apply to fresh and artificial holiday greenery and flowers
  • use on window too
  • clean up with soapy water and soft scrubber
  • create unique antique powder finish

Crystal Frost replicates the unique patters of frost crystals on glass or non-porous surfaces.  Accent window displays, vases, hurricane globes or votive cups.

  • fast drying
  • apply to window, mirrors and non-porous surfaces
  • soap and water clean up

(2) unique colors available

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