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Get Inspiration for SnoBLAST 840

SnoBLAST 840

Special Purpose

Decorating Snow Spray
for Snowy Effects

decorations, windows,
holiday greenery

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Why you will love working with our SnoBLAST

  • Dry Time:light dusting dries to touch in 4 hours, heavier applications overnight
  • Net Weight:18 OZ (510 g)
  • Coverage:Influenced by usage and thickness of coating. Up to 25 sq ft - single coat
  • Application Conditions:Can and surface should be at room temperature (70 °F)
  • Recoat Window:Recoat at any time
  • Cleanup:

    When dry, use a vacuum or broom. To remove from glass, use warm soapy water or glass cleaner.  On heavy applications or if left on for a long time scrub with a non-abrasive pad.

  • SPECS:Water based snow flocking

  • Sprays as a soft, fluffy white texture.  Dries to a semi-permanent finish.
  • Snow frost or stencil windows, mirrors and vases.
  • Highlight branches, evergreen boughs and wreaths.
  • Accent fresh or artificial flowers, foliage and centerpieces.
  • Uniquely texture or create vintage-worn finishes on most surfaces. To fashion a vintage finish, tap down the snow with a protected had after it sits for about 15 minutes.
  • For an even coating on windows apply in steady parallel strokes 12-15 inches from surface.
  • On evergreens spray closer to build up snow on tips for a natural snow laden look.
  • If the stream of snow sprays weak, rotate the nozzle to find a sweet spot.
  • While snow is wet sprinkle with opalescent micro-glitter for a glistening snow effect.
  • Designed for indoor use.  May be affected by weather if used outdoors. Not intended to fully flock trees.