Dec 12 2017

Gift Wrap Ideas

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Personalized packaging wraps your gift in love.  Quick and easy ideas.

by Craft Marketing Connections



Design Master Just For Flowers® in colors of choice, project models used:                                                                                                                126 Bougainvillea, 134 Peacock, 138 Purple Pansy, 133 Fresh Green
COLORTOOL® Spray 714 Holiday Red
Reposition-able Spray Adhesive
Gift boxes, all sizes, white
Paper, white, from large rolls or white gift wrap
Ribbon, wired iridescent stars, textured cords and ribbon, baker’s twine, etc.
Stencils, designs and letters
Plastic canvas (to use as stencil)
Misc.: Old newspapers, large cardboard box (for spraying), scissors, masking tape, glue gun and glue sticks


There are so many options with Just For Flowers (JFF). Here are the techniques used in the project models, and after you’ve worked with them, you’ll be creating techniques of your own!

1. GENERAL APPLICATION – Read the label instructions. You can apply as many coats as desired to get the intensity you want, or you can layer different colors to get any value or shade you want. Work on white to get the truest JFF colors, although you can spray on any color and see subtle changes for unique looks. Experiment with the following techniques. (Hint: Work on white paper from rolls, because you may end up loving your experiments enough for it to BE your wrapping paper!)

2. STENCIL – Plastic stencils of all sizes work well. Large ones are available for t-shirts and mixed media projects that can cover white gift boxes. Or purposely use smaller stencils or the corners of large ones to create a collage look on the surface. To apply, hold or use masking tape to hold stencil while you spray the areas of the stencil various colors desired. Let JFF overlap in areas to create additional values and create a smooth transition from one color to another. Before removing stencil, peek underneath to see if you have the color intensity you want. If not, spray again until you do.

3. MONOGRAM STENCIL – When opening a package of alphabet stencils, pop out the letters you want, but also save all the “negative” pieces, because those can be used, too. With the reposition-able glue spray the backs of the small stencil pieces that might blow away as you spray. Whether you spray all around the positive letter to create background color (called Reverse Stenciling), or spray inside the negative opening of the letter to make the letter colored, you will create a fun look.

4. TEXTURE – Find items that can act as stencils to create an overall texture, such as plastic canvas. You can spray a light application for a subtle look and then spray other colors more heavily on top of some areas. Or you can spray over the plastic canvas several times for a bright look that stands on its own.

5. FREEHAND – Spray stripes, zig-zags, large circles, polka dots, etc. on white paper. Try fan folding paper and spraying at an angle for unique looks; crumpling paper and spraying; and folding and crumpling after spraying. Experimenting results in exciting discoveries.

6. COORDINATED ACCENTS – Spray cardstock and create coordinating tags, woven paper note cards, and even ribbon or cord to match. Let your imagination run wild!