Nov 18 2010

I Heart Santa

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I Heart Santa

Easy to Make Holiday Plaque or Large Ornament For the Santa Lover


Design Master Holiday Red 714

Design Master Brilliant Gold 731

1 pkg 1″ Styrofoam Brand Foam balls

1 6x12x1 Styrofoam Brand Foam block

1 6×1 Styrofoam Brand Foam heart

Styrofoam cutter

1 yd 1 ½” black velvet ribbon

Self adhesive rhinestones

1 wood letter ‘I’

Styrofoam glue


StyroHeart.Ball b4


  1. On a protected surface spray the Styrofoam block and heart with Holiday Red. Hold the can 15″ from the Styrofoam and spray in even parallel strokes. Apply 3 light coats to all sides and let dry between coats.
  2. Spray wood ‘I’ with Brilliant Gold. When dry glue it to heart as shown.
  3. Cut 1″ Styrofoam balls in half. Arrange as shown and glue in place.
  4. Glue the heart in place. If desired for additional support, stick straight pins through the backside of block and into overlapping heart.
  5. Wrap velvet ribbon around center of block. Overlap ribbon on back and glue in place.
  6. Adhere rhinestones to ribbon to create Santa’s belt buckle.