Nov 18 2010

Modern Vintage Ornaments

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Modern Vintage Ornaments

Simple Techniques Transform Clear Glass Balls into Metallic Ornaments With a Vintage Feel


Design Master Brilliant Gold 731

Design Master Antique Gold 746

Design Master Super Silver 732

Design Master 24KT Pure Gold 240

4 large clear glass iridescent ornament balls

4 small clear glass iridescent ornament balls

Water misting bottle

Paper towels

Latex glove

glass ball b4


Small Ornaments
  1. Remove ornament clips on top of glass balls.
  2. Protect one hand with a latex glove.
  3. Insert little finger on gloved hand into the opening of glass ornament. Holding bottle about 15″ away, mist all sides of ornament with water. Immediately spray entire ball with Brilliant Gold. Let set for 20 seconds then lightly dab/wipe moisture from surface with paper towel. Where water droplets were the paint is resisted and shows the underlying color in a mottled pattern.
  4. Remove from finger and let dry. Replace ornament clip.
  5. Repeat technique using Super Silver and 24KT Pure Gold for an assortment of metallic hues.
Large Ornaments
  1. Remove ornament clips on top of glass balls.
  2. Spray 24KT Pure Gold into opening of glass ball. Roll ball in hands to let paint cover inside surfaces. Let ornament sit for a few minutes to dry. Twirl excess color around again and pour off any extra. Let thoroughly dry. Color will vary in opacity.
  3. Replace ornament clip.
  4. Repeat technique with Super Silver, Antique Gold and Brilliant Gold for assorted metallic hues.