Nov 14 2018

Ombre Gather Script

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Rallying friends and family at home can be quite fun. Announce your delight of gathering everyone together with this word script decoration. Airbrushing with Design Master sprays make an easy color ombre for a professional touch.

Material we gathered include a laser-cut wood script and leaves from Michaels, übermatte® Light Ochre, TintIT.® Mango and Strawberry, and copper wire.

To assemble, spray the script in Light Ochre. When dry, airbrush the edges with Mango and Strawberry. This is achieved by misting the color from about 15″ away from the surface. Overlapping colors will blend. Color the leaves in the same manner. When leaves are dry, string with the wire and attach to the script. Hang and plan your next gathering!

Curate your entertaining with a bouquet of fresh flowers in an inspired palette of golden sunflower, rusted orange, cayenne, pear and chartreuse with an accent of pacific blue. Here a ceramic compote is recolored in COLORTOOL® Spray Pacific Blue.