Apr 29 2015

Party Centerpeice

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Party Centerpiece 760x540Parties should always be fun! Create a sensation with this delightful centerpiece.

designed by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas for DESIGN MASTER


Design Master Super Silver 732, Yellow/Yellow 736, Robin’s Egg 792Tiger Lily 129

3- 4” Smooth Foam balls

3- Paper Mache cones to fit the foam balls

1 Smooth Foam brick 10”x3”

1 Smooth Foam brick 10”x5”

3 Pearl beads

3 Pearl headed corsage pins

8-10 Silver tinsel pipe cleaners

Ruffled chiffon ribbon in white

2 yds Patterned ribbon that matches the paint colors

5- 10” Thin wood dowels

Wood die cut letters, spelling p-a-r-t-y

Hot glue gun- dual temp

Hot glue sticks


1. Using hot glue on low setting, glue the bricks together so they align flushed at the back of the brick and the front is stair-stepped.  Spray the foam bricks with Yellow/Yellow.

step 2

2. Wrap the edges of the foam base with the patterned ribbon. Glue the ribbon in place using hot glue on low temp.

step 3a

3. Paint the paper cones with Super Silver.

step 3b

4. At a distance of 18″ spray the foam balls with Robin’s Egg.

step 4

5. Hot glue the letters to the wooden dowels.  Spray the letters and the dowels with Robin’s Egg.

step 5

6. Glue the foam ball to the cone using low temp setting on the glue gun.  Lightly tint the ruffled chiffon ribbon with Just For Flowers Tiger Lily.  Allow the ribbon to dry.  Hot glue the ribbon where the foam ball meets the cone using the low temp setting on the glue gun.

7. Attach a pearl bead to the top of the ice cream cone using a pearl-headed corsage pin.  This is the “cherry” on top of the ice cream cone.

8. Press the letters into the front step of the foam bricks.  Place the letters so they are at random angles.  Wrap the silver tinsel pipe cleaners around your finger a few times to give them a spring-like shape.  Push the spring shaped pipe cleaners into the foam behind the letters to accent the word “party”.

9. Push the three finished ice cream cones into the top brick of foam.  Evenly space them across the brick, side-by-side.  Hot glue the cones in place using the low setting on the glue gun.

10. Wrap the ruffled ribbon back and forth on the flat top of the base and hot glue in place.