Nov 18 2010

Retro Holiday Boxes

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Retro Holiday Boxes

Gift or Storage Boxes With a Retro Appeal



Design Master Olive Bright 790

Design Master Holiday Red 714

Design Master Super Silver 732

Design Master 24KT Pure Gold 240

2 nesting papier mache boxes

painter’s 1 ½” masking tape

chipboard self-adhesive holiday tags

1½ yds 1” red and green satin ribbon




Small Box
  1. Spray the box top with Super Silver. Apply 2 coats. Let dry between coats. Set aside.
  2. Spray the box bottom with Olive Bright. Apply 2-3 coats. Let dry between coats and thoroughly before next step.
  3. Mask the bottom with tape creating a stripe pattern around the box. Trim the tape at the bottom edge of the box. Ensure the edges of the tape are firmly adhered to the box.
  4. Spray the exposed area with Super Silver. Apply two coats and let dry.
  5. Remove tape to expose stripe pattern.
  6. Glue lengths of red ribbon to the top and bottom of the box. Adhere tags to top and bottom in desired areas.
Large Box
  1. Repeat the process above using 24KT Pure Gold on box top. Base coat the bottom in Holiday Red with stripes in 24KT Pure Gold. Adhere green ribbon to the box top and bottom.