Dec 12 2017

Sledding Memories

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From rustic to nostalgic.  A little touch up in shimmering color refreshes bygone memories.

by Craft Marketing Connections



Design Master PREMIUM Metals, 242 Champagne Gold

Old, weathered wood sled, approx. 20″ wide x 41″ long

Cord, 1/2″ diameter x 22″ length, copper

Pine spray with pinecones, approx. 1 yard in length

Wire, approx. 22 gauge, dark color

Misc.: Old newspapers, large cardboard box (for spraying), masking tape, cleaning cloths


1. Remove and discard any rope from the sled’s steering bar holes. Clean and dry the wood on the sled, but leave the metal areas alone, for an aged look.

2. To keep the paint from getting onto the metal at the top, apply several rows of tape on the metal that is close to the top horizontal steering bar. (Tape both above and below the bar.) Look for any other metal areas that might catch the spray and tape those, too.

3. Read the label instructions on the can for spraying tips. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area spray two light coats of Champagne Gold on the top surface of the wood steering bar and sled. Let dry. Because the paint may soak in a little, apply a couple more layers of paint, to achieve a weathered gold look. Let dry.

4. Remove all masking tape. Bend pine spray to fan out. Use wire to attach the stem to the top of the sled, just above the steering bar. Then, run the copper cord through the bar holes, knot the ends and allow it to hang freely, or drape over the pine spray. Display the sled inside or outside.