Oct 09 2015

Snowflake Wreath

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Frozen Wreath WEB

Who says snowflakes have to be white? A soft hued palette is perfect for this easy to create frozen themed décor.

by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas



Design Master 792 Robin’s Egg and 751 Blue Sky

Design Master TintIT 536 Sapphire, 537 Plum and 535 Teal

Design Master 840 snoBLAST

Snowflake cut outs in a variety of styles and ranging in sizes from ½” to 6”

12” wooden flat wreath form


Hot glue gun and hot glue




1.  Spray the wood wreath form Robin’s Egg.

2.  Spray some of the various wooden snowflakes Robin’s Egg and Blue Sky and some in TintIT Sapphire, Plum and Teal.

3.  When the snowflakes dry, spray them lightly with snoBLAST. Allow the snowflakes to dry completely before handling.

4.  Hot glue the snowflakes to the wreath base. Start with the largest snowflakes and layer the snowflakes in the different sizes until the entire wreath is covered.

5.  Attach a bow to the top of the wreath.