Jul 28 2010

Summer Entertaining

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Simple Paint Technique

Personalizes Summer Accessories

in Vibrant Color



Design Master Olive Bright 790

Design Master Robin’s Egg 792

Design Master Deep Blue 743

Design Master Dresden Clear Glaze 655

Canvas cloth

Unfinished wood tray

Natural basket

Terra cotta clay pot

Column candle

Glass hurricane globe

Painter’s tape

Sand paper

Water misting bottle





  1. Cut canvas cloth to desired sizes. Pull threads to create an even selvage.
  2. Mask areas of cloth in bands to create a stripe pattern.
  3. Spray unmasked areas with Olive Bright, applying in 2 light coats. Let dry between applications.
  4. Remove tape to reveal stripes.
  1. Make sure basket is clean and dry.
  2. Apply 2 light coats of Robin’s Egg to surface, spraying approx. 12″ from surface. Let dry between coats. If basket is old, it might be very dry and may require extra coats for coverage.

  1. Apply Deep Blue to terra cotta pot in 2 light coats. Let dry. Then apply 1-2 coats of Pottery Sealer.
  2. Plug pot hole with tape then fill with sand. Arrange candle and hurricane for wind proof candlelight.

  1. Lightly sand unfinished wood tray and remove dust.
  2. Apply two light coats of Robin’s Egg to tray, spraying approx. 12″ from surface. Let dry.
  3. From about 15″, mist water onto the tray surface. Different amounts of water will produce different sized water droplets, thus different effects.
  4. In a slightly random fashion, spray Deep Blue over water droplets.
  5. Dab or lightly wipe excess moisture away with paper towel.
  6. Repeat technique with Robin’s Egg or Deep Blue if finish needs tweaking to your desired look. Let dry.
  7. Apply a protective topcoat of Dresden Clear Glaze to enhance the color or Pottery Sealer for added water resistance and durability.