Sep 21 2010

Tinsel Tree

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TInsel Tree

A Tinsel Tree Gets Decorated in Retro Color.


Design Master Robin’s Egg 792

One tabletop tinsel tree

4″ tall clay pot

Small piece white Styrofoam brand foam

3 rhinestone self-adhesive snowflakes

3 clusters small opalescent glass millimeter balls

1.5 yds ½” sheer red ribbon

Glue/glue gun


  1. Apply 2 light coats of Robin’s Egg to clay pot, spraying approx. 12″ from surface. Let dry between coats
  2. Adhere rhinestone snowflakes to pot.
  3. Insert foam into pot. Secure with glue if necessary.
  4. Remove stand from tree and insert stem into foam. Fluff boughs of tree then tuck and glue clear millimeter balls.
  5. Weave ribbon garland throughout tree.