Oct 20 2017

Vintage Foil Pumpkins

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DIY your own vintage pumpkins with household aluminum foil. Designer Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas tells us how…

Shopping List:

Design Master COLORTOOL® Spray Orange 775

Design Master Just For Flowers® Tiger Lily 129

Design Master TACK 2000

Design Master Champagne Gold 242

Pumpkin forms

Aluminum foil

Water misting bottle

Gold chenile stems

Black duct tape for jack-o-lantern face


1.  Protect your work area with newspaper. Tear sheets of aluminum foil. To the shiny-side randomly mist water onto its surface and immediately spray with Orange.  Wait about 20 seconds then dab off the moisture with a paper towel. Let the surface dry for about a minute then repeat the mist – spray – dab sequence with Tiger Lily.  When dry, turn sheets over and spray with Tack 2000 spray adhesive.

2.  Tear foil into smaller strips and adhere to a pumpkin form.  Rub to secure and accent ridges of pumpkin.  Overlap strips and let wrinkles appear occasionally for handcrafted look.

3.  Embellish with gold chenille tendrils. Cut black duct tape to fashion jack-o-lantern faces.