Feb 06 2015

Have a blast with SnoBLAST

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Who doesn’t like playing in the snow? Skiing, sledding and snowman making are a blast! Create that sense of delight when decorating for your celebrations with snoBLAST! It’s snow-in-a-can that applies to most surfaces to produce snowy effects, and even unique textured finishes.

SnoBLAST sprays as a soft, fluffy white texture. Use it in this state for temporary décor.

snoBLAST Fresh

Or let it dry for semi-permanent results.

snoBLAST dried


SnoBLAST is perfect to craft your daughter’s themed birthday party.  Quickly turn any room into a frozen palace!

sno 1

Easily laden branches and greenery boughs in snow. Dust windows, mirrors and vases in a frosty finish. Even snow kiss fresh or permanent flowers!

SprayTIP: While the snow is wet, sprinkle with opalescent micro-glitter… glistening snow in an instant!

sno 2

Creatively transform everyday items.  Let your imagination go!  Use SnoBLAST for school projects, Halloween and holiday decorations or wedding decor. Apply it with a stencil to style monograms or patterns.

sno 3

Uniquely texture or create a vintage worn-finish on all sorts of hard surfaces. This antique finish is simple.  Randomly spray the surface with SnoBLAST.  Let it dry for 15 minutes then lightly flatten it with a piece of cardboard or latex gloved hand. Allow to thoroughly dry before handling.

SnoBLAST can be colored with any TintIT.™ or COLORTOOL® Spray.  To age the finish of the above technique, mist with TintIT Sepia.

sno 4

Just Some Specs: SnoBLAST is easy to apply.  Easy to clean up.  A light dusting of SnoBLAST dries to the touch in approximately 4 hours.  Heavier applications will dry overnight.  For cleanup when dry use a vacuum or broom.  To remove from glass use a paper towel, soap and warm water, or glass cleaner.  On heavy applications or if left on for a long time scrub with a non-abrasive pad.  SnoBLAST is not intended to flock a whole tree.  It is designed for indoor use.  It may be affected by weather if used outdoors.

Wherever your creativity takes you… HAVE A BLAST!