Oct 09 2015

Sno Cone Trees

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Sparkling frosted trees add a bit of whimsy to frozen themed decorations.

by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas



Design Master 840 snoBLAST

Design Master Just For Flowers 138 Purple Pansy

Design Master 792 Robin’s Egg

1- 18” tall Styrofoam™ brand foam cone

1- 12” tall Styrofoam™ brand foam cone


Chunky opalescent glitter

Foam Brush

Container for mixing and popsicle stick for stirring

White feather trim

White pom-poms


Hot glue gun and hot glue



Sno Cone Trees_1

1.  Paint the cone with Robin’s Egg being sure to follow the directions on the label for spraying Styrofoam.


Sno Cone Trees_2

2.  About 6” from the tip of the cone, run a thick bead of hot glue.


Sno Cone Trees_3

Allow the glue to vary in height and thickness. This will be the snowline.


Sno Cone Trees_4

3.  Pour about ½ a cup of Modpodge into a bowl. Add the glitter until the texture of the mixture is chunky but not dry.


Sno Cone Trees_5

Stir until the mixture is well combined.


Sno Cone Trees_6

4.  Brush the mixture on to the cone’s lower portion. Apply the glitter mixture until the whole lower part of the cone is completely and heavily covered. Allow to the glitter and glue mixture to dry on the cone.


Sno Cone Trees_7

5.  Spray a thick layer of snoBLAST to the upper part of the cone. Apply the snoBLAST heavily towards the hot glue snow-line. You will want the snoBLAST to be thicker the closer it gets to the hot glue snow-line. Allow the snoBLASt to dry thoroughly. Apply additional coats, if needed.

6.  When the snoBLAST is dry, lightly paint it with Purple Pansy.

7.  Edge the base of the cone tree with the feather trim. Adhere the trim with hot glue.

8.  Hot glue a white pom-pom to the top of the tree.