Feb 05 2015

Vintage Nouveau

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Vintage Wedding_web

Vintage venues are the rage among young couples celebrating their nuptials. Finding décor elements to create the vibe isn’t the easiest when you need a quantity of different items. We can help! Here’s an easy technique to fashion a vintage finish just for those occasions!

Our NEW snoBLAST  isn’t just for holiday decorating! Use it to create a vintage powder finish on a variety of surfaces. Here, metal topiary forms and a mirror’s unfinished wood frame are all aged.

It’s easy to do… simply apply a sporadic coat of snoBLAST. Apply it a little heavier is some areas than others. Let it sit for about 15 minutes then lightly flatten the snow texture down either with a latex glove, protected hand or a piece of cardboard. You can’t mess it up. If you don’t like the outcome, wipe it off and repeat. SnoBLAST sprays with a lot of moisture. Let the finish dry thoroughly… preferably overnight before extensive handling.

Vintage Finish closeup

If the white finish of the snow is too bright for your taste, mist it with Glossy Wood Tone to instantly tone it down. This was done on the mirror frame.

SPRAY TIP: Add a monogram of the celebrating couple to mirrors or windows in the venue. Select a desired font and lay out the letters on single sheets of paper. Using a craft knife cut the letters out. Trim each sheet to fit nicely with adjoining letter then tape together. Add additional pieces of paper to mask entire clean mirror or window. Spray snoBLAST in even parallel strokes. Carefully remove immediately or let it dry before removing stencil. After the event, remove monogram with soapy water and a non-abrasive pad.