Mar 19 2014

Wedding Arch

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Wedding Arch

Custom Color Tissue Paper Fans to Festoon your

Wedding Arch

by:  Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas



Design Master Perfect Pink 780 

Design Master Antique Gold 746 

Design Master Coral 777 

10 – 12″ paper fans (white or ivory)

12 – 9″ to 12” paper fans (white or ivory)

12 – 4″ paper fans (white or ivory)

100 feet tissue paper festooning (white or ivory)

Greening pins

Pipe Cleaners

5 Wooden dowels cut to 4″ sections

2 – 36″ long x 14″ wide x 3″ thick Styrofoam® brand foam panels

Hot glue gun and glue sticks, low temp


1. Join the two Styrofoam panels together by pushing the 4” wooden dowels into the short (14”) side of the panel, run a line of low-temp glue around the dowels, press the panels together.

To make the hangers, fold a pipe cleaner in half and run both ends through the panels then twist ends tightly in place. While not shown in the photo, lay a small wood dowel or floral stake under the pipe cleaner of BOTH sides of panel before twisting pipe cleaners tightly in place. This will prevent pipe cleaner from pulling through the foam. Do this in 3 places along the backside of the panel.

2. Completely cover the backside and edges of the panels in tissue festooning. Wind the festooning over the panel and secure in place with greening pins to cover the Styrofoam.

3. Paint the 9″-12″ tissue paper fans with Perfect Pink and Coral. Divide the fans so you have sprayed an equal number of each color. Paint the 4” fans with Antique Gold. Leave some of the fans the original white.

4. Place the 9″- 12″ fans on the front of the panels and secure in place using greening pins and hot glue. It looks most pleasing to have the outer edge fans floating off the edge of the panels.

5. Continue layering the 9″-12″ fans until you have completely covered the front of the panel.

6. Add the 4″ fans as a last accent after the larger fans are in place.

7. Attach the finished panel to an arch or a “pipe and drape” frame set. Wrap the uprights of the arch with additional tissue paper festooning and/or ribbon. An additional gold fringe is shown in the finished image.