Aug 18 2017

Come to the dark side : Eclipse 2017

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On August 21, we are going to the dark side. At least SOME of us are.


From Oregon to South Carolina, the US will be experiencing a Total Eclipse! The path of totality is 70 miles wide and has not been experienced in North America since 1979.

Links with dramatic details of this epic event are everywhere. We trust the smart folks at NASA and their website to have some helpful information. The short video Solar Eclipse 101 from National Geographic is perfect for a concise overview.

There is also a tremendous resource  HERE  for tracking your location on Google Earth in correlation to the path of the eclipse. It was made by Xavier M Jubier for INAGI imagery & NASA with TerraMetrics. It’s really amazing the detail they can see from space into your own backyard!

And THIS is a great site for exactly what time you can expect to see the eclipse. Just enter your location and it will tell you when the big show is going to go down!


During broad daylight the phenomenon of the eclipse will demonstrate the basic tenet of color, Light is Color. In a matter of minutes the vibrant hues surrounding you will mute into tones and shades then morph into darkness. As the moon passes the sun, light is restored. Colors revived. Johannes Itten, the color guru of the Bauhaus movement expertly defines color’s origin…

It’s so cool that nature is reminding us!


If you are going to view the eclipse, make sure to get safe eclipse glasses from a reputable source. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to your eyes!

In case you aren’t fortunate enough to be in path of the eclipse, no worries! We will be doing a live video on our Facebook page from Southern Illinois (assuming no technical glitches due to heavy cell phone/internet usage!) Just check out the Design Master Facebook page on the 21st as we share the experience with you LIVE. Plan B is to post the video after the fact, if the interwebs decide to crash. Keep in mind, this region is very rural and will be experiencing an influx of visitors like never before. High traffic on roadways as well as mobile/internet services are not something the area is prepared for.

According to the maps and data, the eclipse will begin at 11:54 am and total eclipse will occur at 1:22 pm CST. So check in with us and let’s share the experience together!

And if you cannot wait for the darkness, just pick up a can of übermatte INK or GRAPHITE from your favorite Design Master source.

See you on the dark side!