Nov 08 2014

Natural Bounty

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natural Bounty

The classic della robbia style has graced autumn and winter celebrations for centuries!  I wonder if the 14th century Florentine sculptor, Lucca della Robbia, grasped the magnitude of his influence when he inspired the natural design theme.   Adding shimmering metallic accents to the rustic elements push the style into a modern country vibe.  This thankful bouquet could easily transition from one winter holiday to the next.

Shopping List:

Design Master sprays 24KT Pure Gold and Mess Master

Tall basket

Styrofoam™ brand foam to fill basket

Variety of artificial fruits (grapes, oranges, pears)

Permanent foliages – variegated holly and spruce boughs

Small red millimeter balls (colored glass balls)

Purple, burgundy and bronze medium sized millimeter balls

Pine cones


Wire Clippers

Wood Picks

Hot glue/gun or pan glue

Paper towel

Small piece of cellophane

Latex gloves


1.  Apply one coat of 24KT Pure Gold to basket.  Spray Mess Master into a tight clump of paper towel then wipe over raised areas of the basket to remove gold and reveal the underlying natural color.  (use latex gloves to protect hands while wiping off color.)

2.  Cut Styrofoam to fit basket.

3.  Add burnished gold highlights to holly leaves:  spray 24KT Pure Gold onto crumpled cellophane then wipe onto holly.  Let dry.

4.  Prep design elements:  clip spruce and holly into sections.  Insert wood picks into fruit. And, glue wood pick into medium millimeter balls.

5.  Arrange items in a mounded fashion as shown and secure with glue.