Oct 25 2017

Tricks and Treats for Halloween Fun

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Recently my flower friend and color chum, Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas of FlourishDesigns.com and I designed a covey of Halloween decorations. Inspiration was quickly engaged while sourcing goodies at Floral Resources in Sacramento CA. Floral Resources is a full fledge Design Master wholesale distributor that’s conveniently in our backyards. Many of the products used are universally available and our techniques transferable. So open your treat bag for some wicked fun halloween tricks. No costume required.

Imagine a gothic curiosities shop. Fantastical botanicals, including a purple tillandsia specimen, make a dynamic focal of a fresh flower bouquet. A little Design Master hocus pocus color shifts queen anne’s lace in Just For Flowers® Purple Pansy and disguises a silver plastic urn. It’s no apparition, it all started with Flat Black applied in the super simple water resist technique. A topcoat of Clear Finish Matte cuts the shine making a centuries aged look.

Catch the undesirables at your front door in a web of creepy crawlies. Angel vine is tied onto a wreath form and lightly misted with Flat Black. Random areas are misted with Super Silver then the same areas lightly layered with Purple Pansy to create a purple metallic effect. Hatch more fright with a companion spider’s nest! An angel vine orb is colored the same as the wreath and an opening is forged to host mini LED lights… aka spider eggs. EWW!

So you see, nothing supernatural about these decorations. Just rely on these quick tips and Design Master’s creative color tools to pull off some Halloween delights!