Oct 24 2018

Be a Zombie in 20 Minutes or Less

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Halloween is approaching. Don’t be caught in a costume apocalypse! In 20 minutes or less you can transform into a Z-O-M-B-I-E. Easy instructions follow. Minimal voodoo required… Zombie drone attitude not included.


Design Master COLORTOOL Spray, 715 Violet and 725 Flat Black

Design Master 757 Glossy Wood Tone

Long sleeve t-shirt or tunic

Gauze material (from the halloween or general craft section of your local craft/fabric store)

Latex gloves

Hot glue and glue gun

Halloween makeup



1. Protect hands with latex gloves.

2. Ball up the t-shirt and spray randomly with the 3 colors. Rotate the shirt while spraying. Release the ball then re-gather it again to expose unsprayed areas. Apply the colors again. Repeat this process to cover entire fabric in random shapes of color. Lay out the t-shirt and mist with Glossy Wood Tone where antiquing is needed.

3. Repeat the above process on the gauze.

4. Cut a length of the gauze for a head wrap.

5. Wrap remaining gauze over t-shirt then glue in place on the shoulders.                                                                  Note, the aroma will dissipate from the fabric as it dries.

6.  Apply your best zombie face with halloween makeup.  @ditzzcos provides stunning inspiration below.