Dec 13 2018

Christmas Keepsake Ornament

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It’s a little old school. It’s a little modern. Yet… the perfect handmade holiday gift.  Super Cool @crafty.shannon.


Design Master Premium Metals 242 Champagne Gold

Design Master COLORTOOL Spray 781 Blush

Design Master 663 Glue for Glitter

Gold micro-glitter

7 inch diameter tart tin

Natural bottle brush trees in various sizes

Mini plastic deer

Small snowflake ornament

Gold eyelash yarn

Velvet and glitter faux magnolia flower

Cotton Snow

Gold ribbon trim



1.  Spray the tart tin and mini deer with Champagne Gold.

2.  Spray the bottle brush trees and small snowflake with Blush. While the snowflake is still wet sprinkle with gold glitter.

3.  Glue some gold eyelash yarn around the back side of the edge of the tin.

4.  Deconstruct the faux magnolia flower and glue the petals to the back of the tart tin so they formed a collar.

5.  Glue the snowflake to the top of the biggest bottle brush tree.

6.  Glue the cotton snow to the front of the tin. Then glue the trees and deer to make the scene.

7.  Attached a ribbon hanger and accent with a blush berry or trim.

8.  Spray finished piece with Glue for Glitter and sprinkle the fine gold glitter over the entire scene in the ornament to add sparkle.